Cool spy tools that let you hide stuff in impossible places

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ITS Tactical recently featured three cool little devices that let you hide important stuff during your escape from the zombie apocalypse. The Hollow Half Dollar was used by spies during the cold war to pass secret messages and smuggle microfilms out of the country. The device looks like a regular half-dollar coin but inside, there’s…

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Futuristic hi-tech gaming bed features built-in, ah, everything!

Bed with built in entertainment system

Check out this futuristic hi-tech gaming bed from Italy-based HiCan. The High Fidelity Bed is in such high demand that HiCan has started an exclusive reservation list for customers. The bed comes equipped with a JVC HD projector, 70” slide-down screen, and a high-end built-in computer. Aside from that, the bed is equipped with a…

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Chainmail running shoes – PaleoBarefoots for modern-day knights

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Made in Germany and constructed from hundreds of tiny 4.0 mm stainless steel rings, the PaleoBarefoots Delinda are modern-day running shoes made of chainmail. The PaleoBarefoots Delinda, a self-described piece of foot jewelry, works best for hiking on natural surfaces in and around water. It is GoSt’s lightest model. For running and more intense walking,…

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Nifty personal TARDIS Smart Safe is controlled by smartphone

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Check out this nifty personal TARDIS Smart Safe from Firebox in the UK (on sale for $49.99 at Amazon). The safe is a replica of the TARDIS as seen on the mega-popular Dr. Who British television show. The safe is remotely operated via cellphone using a custom designed application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and…

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This stunning refrigerator will run you $40,500 – this is what it looks like

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The Meneghini La Cambusa refrigerator runs $40,500, features a modular design, and of course includes a standard fridge and freezer section. The three-door La Cambusa, measures 8.2 feet wide, weighs 1,100 pounds and includes 26.6 cubic feet of storage space. It also includes fitted temperature-controlled pantry, double pantry, space for coffee maker, ice-maker, microwave oven,…

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Nasty looking “Predator” shoes have 1,050 teeth glued to the sole

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According to Apex, Apex Predators are predators with no predators of their own, residing at the top of their food chain. Created by artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young, the shoes look classy on the top, but pretty nasty on the bottom. With 1,050 teeth (denture teeth), some of them gold plated, the shoes are…

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