National Geographic introduces WonderLab – a one-of-a-kind studio space to capture photographs of our tiny invisible worlds.

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Anand Varma, a biologist by training and now a well-known photographer, has established WonderLab in Berkeley, California. WonderLab is a physical space where Varma will explore and develop innovative storytelling techniques. Through his work, Varma aims to create images and videos that challenge our understanding of the hidden world. You can learn more about Anand…

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Scientists have discovered how trilobites survived two mass extinctions while everything else died. The key is flexible adaptation to the environment.


Scientists have discovered how a unique trilobite species was able to survive and defend itself against predators during Earth’s oxygen level fluctuations. Trilobites, ancient sea-dwelling creatures related to spiders and lobsters, were abundant in the seas for nearly 300 million years, starting in the Cambrian Period. They managed to survive two mass extinctions and dominated…

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