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The best Windows login “spotlight” pictures (and of course, a description of what it’s a picture of).

Windows Spotlight is an option for the lock screen background that displays different background images on the lock screen. The Windows Spotlight displays a new image on the lock screen each day. The initial background image is included during installation. Additional images are downloaded on ongoing basis. Here are my favorite pics to date.
clip image001 thumb 1

Amazing park benches turn mundane seats into stunning works of art.

There are literally millions of park benches across the world and all of them are fairly standard structures – plain, blocked supports with a horizontal surface to sit on. But some cities have thought out of the box and turned their park benches into beautiful, sometimes stunning, works of art. Check out the collection of unusual park benches from around the world.
image thumb 17 1

Complete Star Wars timeline – calendar of significant events and characters in the Star Wars universe

Remember, the Star Wars universe exists beyond the movies. Many novels, comic books, television series, and spinoff movies expand upon the universe as explained in the 9 canonical movies. Based on the Coruscant tropical year, this calendar uses the Battle of Yavin (when the first Death Star was destroyed) as its epoch or year zero. Thus BBY indicates "Before the Battle of Yavin" and ABY indicates "After the Battle of Yavin".
image thumb100

Outlaw motorcycle clubs (one percenter bike gangs) and their memorable patches

utlaw motorcycle clubs, also known as one percenters, are biker gangs that are considered "outlaw" because they are not sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and do not adhere to their rules. Instead, one percenter clubs have their own set of bylaws which may or may not condone illegal activities. Regardless of their bylaws, their 1% status reflects an outlaw sense of pride.
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Check out all of the awesome monstrous vehicles from the Mad Max: Fury Road movie!

George Miller insisted that Colin Gibson, production designer responsible for all the cars in Mad Max: Fury Road, make all the cars in the movie not only cool, but real working functional vehicles with ultra-tuned, tweaked out engines – and Gibson delivered the goods. For the main story line, Gibson created 88 final cars, each with its own story and team of mechanics. But all told, he made 150 vehicles, many of which didn’t make it out of the desert.
image thumb3

Mad Max: Fury Road’s flame throwing guitar player wasn’t CGI – check out the Doof Wagon (or Doof Machine)

The Doof Wagon (aka Doof Machine or Doofwagon) rig was built on top of a retired military rocket launching truck which they upgraded with a supercharged V8, six huge Taiko drums channeling their sound through giant air conditioning ducts, a small lit stage fronted with a classic car grill, a mammoth stack of speakers (there’s over 100 working speakers on the Doof Wagon rig) and a red-onesy-suited blind guitar player hammering chords on a custom flame-throwing dual-neck guitar while dangling from bungee-cords and chains. Yes, Mad Max: Fury Road’s flame throwing guitar/drum rig wasn’t CGI –it’s the real thing.

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