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Is this a photo of the iceberg that sank the RMS Titanic?

iceberg taken by captain wood ss etonian in 41°50n 49°50w april 12th at 4pm 1913 sic e1593107314134

A rare photo has emerged which may confirm earlier purported photos of the iceberg that sank the unsinkable RMS Titanic on April 12, 1912. The photo above was taken by W. Wood, the captain of the SS Etonian.

Photo of Titanic's lifeboat no 6 arriving alongside R.M.S. Carpathia

The inscription on the photo reads:

“Iceberg taken by Captain Wood SS Etonian in 41°50N 49°50W
April 12th at 4pm 1913
Titanic struck April 14th and sank in 3 hours”

Oddly, the picture is dated with the year 1913. The Titanic sank in 1912. However, auctioneers say the date in the letter was a mistake and believe the picture is legit. The coordinates Wood notes in the photo’s inscription exactly match the coordinates of the Titanic iceberg. In addition, the photo is an incredibly close match to sketches of the iceberg drawn by both the ship’s lookout and a crew member who witnessed the iceberg.

The photo was accompanied by a letter to “Billy Tucker” which read in part:

lot0243 1 e1593107281230

“I am sending you a sea picture, the Etonian running before a gale and the iceberg that sank the Titanic. We crossed the ice tracks 40hrs before her and in daylight so saw the ice easily and I got a picture.”

An almost identical photograph emerged in 2015 that also purported to be a photo of the infamous iceberg. The photo was taken by M. Linoenewald, the chief steward of the SS Prinz Adalbert.

photo of titanic iceberg taken by chief steward of the liner prinz adalbert april 15th 1912 e1593107299485

A note accompanying the photo read:

letter accompanying photo of titanic iceberg taken by chief steward of the liner prinz adalbert april 15th 1912

“On the day after the sinking of the Titanic, the steamer Prinz Adalbert passes the iceberg shown in this photograph. The Titanic disaster was not yet known by us. On one side red paint was plainly visible, which has the appearance of having been made by the scraping of a vessel on the iceberg. SS Prinz Adalbert Hamburg America Line.”

Yet another photo taken by Sam Smith from the SS Prinz Adalbert on April 16, 1912 seems to show the iceberg from a different angle.

titanic iceberg taken by sam smith from the ss prinz adalbert on april 16 1912 e1593107354766

The photos are remarkably similar and chances are at least one of the photos truly is a picture of the infamous iceberg that sank the Titanic.