Tropical survival – how to survive in tropical habitats.

The five layers of vegetation in the jungle

Introduction to Tropical Survival Most people think of the tropics as a huge and forbidding tropical rain forest through which every step taken must be hacked out, and where every inch of the way is crawling with danger. Actually, over half of the land in the tropics is cultivated in some way. A knowledge of…

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How to make clothing and insulation in the wild.

Bear skin

About making clothes in the wilderness You can use many materials for clothing and insulation. Both man-made materials, such as tarps and tent materials, and natural materials, such as skins and plant materials, are available and offer significant protection. With the right materials and skills, it is possible to create clothing that will help you…

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How to use the Sun and shadows for navigation.

Using a watch face to find north diagram 2

The earth’s relationship to the sun can help you to determine direction (celestial navigation). Shadows will move in the opposite direction of the sun (shadows move from west to east). There are various methods you can use to determine the time or direction using the sun and shadows.

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