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Windows 10 – rough around the edges but the future looks bright!

Gotta give props to Microsoft – they did well with Windows 10 both in terms of the design and implementation of the OS and especially the unique rollout via Windows update. I’s obvious that Win10 is going to be a spectacular OS in the future. Why are my comments so forward looking? Because Windows 10, in its initial iteration, is pretty rough around the edges.
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Long live the X Window display server! Except on Ubuntu Linux where it is being tossed out and replaced…

After three decades of life, Unix’s X Window display server is showing its age and Ubuntu Linux creators have decided enough is enough. In order to power the Unity user interface in Ubuntu on tablets and phones, Canonical says that the 1980’s-era X Windows display server has to go and in its place we will find “Mir”, Canonical's custom-build display server which Canonical describes as "a system-level component targeted as a replacement for the X window server system to unlock next-generation user experiences for devices ranging from Linux desktop to mobile devices powered by Ubuntu."
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It only took 20 years but Microsoft has recognized Steven Sinofsky was not a “team player” – Windows President exits Microsoft

In a move strikingly similar to Apple’s recent departure of Scott Forstall, Steven Sinofsky, President of Windows and Windows Live Division, is leaving Microsoft reportedly for “his failure to be a team player”. The “ousting” (the company says the departure was mutual but the abruptness of the announcement might suggests otherwise) comes after the release of Windows 8 and its failure to grab attention (and acceptance) from the market. It was widely known that Sinofsky and Balmer had been on the outs for some time.
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Yes, there are at least five ways Windows 8 beats Apple’s iOS

PC World posted a list of five ways Windows 8 beats iOS and it is a pretty interesting eye-opener. The article was written by a long-term iPad user who has since moved to Windows 8 and lists not only features present in Windows 8 (and lacking in iOS) but discusses design considerations and why the Windows 8 constructs are beneficial to the user. The advantages they noted include...
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Russian antivirus vendor, Kaspersky Labs, confirms development of ultra-secure industrial control system OS

Russian antivirus vendor, Kaspersky Labs, has announced their intent to develop a secure operating system for industrial control systems (ICS), which have been recent targets of hackers and nation-state sponsored cyberattacks. They note that recent attacks against hardware control systems for utilities and industrial equipment has increased during the past decade and as such, they feel the need to roll their own OS for the good of the public.
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Huge Windows 8 cumulative update rolls out prior to SP1 – promises performance improvements

Microsoft is rolling out a cumulative update today ahead of an official service pack for Windows 8. The update includes power and performance improvements as well as some driver fixes and updates to some core Windows 8 applications. It is unusual for Microsoft to roll out cumulative patches (other than service packs) but with Windows 8 adoption rates cratering, they must put their best foot forward.

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