The Aurora Project

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That the United States government conducts “Black Projects” is no secret. Black projects are projects that are considered top secret. They are so top secret that the government will not even acknowledge that they exist and will hide the budget details of the project or mislead the public by providing false details on the project.…

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The Travis Walton Abduction

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No abduction case in history has garnered as much publicity, fascination, and controversy than the Travis Walton abduction in 1975. And it’s no wonder. Do you believe the unshaken testimony of 7 witnesses, a testimony that has not deviated even years after the witnesses parted and gone their separate ways? Does the polygraph evidence, 13…

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Belgium UFO Wave

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On November 29, 1989, Belgium citizens, including several large groups of people and three groups of police officers, reported seeing a large triangular shaped craft flying at low altitude over the Belgium countryside. The sighting was followed by a month-long wave of UFO sightings.

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UFOs spotted over Pennsylvania town on Christmas Day.

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We received some interesting reports of UFOs seen over the town of Chester Springs, Pennsylvania on Christmas day. MUFON recorded the event and noted that witnesses reported a black object with flashing lights. Power outages accompanied the sighting. One photo (see above) and reportedly two video clips were shot of the unknown object.

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