Food art: Kevin Bacon portrait – made out of bacon!

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Is it weird that this makes me hungry? For his ongoing celebrity portrait series, San Francisco-based artist Jason Mecie has created a portrait of Kevin Bacon (Footloose, Apollo 13, Stir of Echoes, etc.) made out of bacon. Yeah, I know – who would have ever thought you’d feel compelled to eat Kevin Bacon’s face…

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Creepy but beautiful insect works of art made from old watch parts

Scorpion made from old watch parts

Justin Gershenson-Gates, typically sells steampunk-like jewelry made from old watch parts on his A Mechanical Mind website but occasionally he reveals odd, but beautiful, machine-like insect thingies made from tiny light bulbs, electronic circuitry and yes, old watch parts – and people can’t get enough of them. Gates has created mechanical mantises, scorpions, butterflies, and…

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