13-year-old girl, obsessed with Slenderman, attacks mother with knife.

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In what looks to be the beginning of an epidemic, a second Slender Man inspired attack occurred in Cincinnati this week. In the latest attack, a 13-year-old girl donned a hood and mask and attacked her mother with a knife in the kitchen of their Hamilton Country, Cincinnati home. According to the girl’s mother, “she…

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Whoops. Boy kicks “log” in water. Angry alligator counter attacks.

Andrew Hudson suffered head wounds from alligator attack

Andrew Hudson, 17, was swimming on Monday at Little Big Econ State Forest in Florida when he saw what he thought was a 10-foot-long piece of wood floating in the water. He kicked the “log” which started moving. Before he realized the “log” was really an alligator, the beast turned on the boy, gripping the…

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A 27-year-old man swallowed by hippo on African river lives to tell about it.

Paul Templer swallowed by hippo

27-year-old Paul Templer owned a safari tour guide business taking clients on sight-seeing expeditions down the Zambezi river in Africa. Templer was taking a group of tourists on a routine run when suddenly, and unexpectedly, a 4,000-pound hippo attacked the kayakers from behind. Templer quickly shuffled the tourists off the boat and began to paddle…

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