What happened to the bodies of 9/11 victims that are missing to this day (plus the impact on those 9/11 jumpers who chose to determine their own fate)?

The Falling Man World Trade Center 911

Of the nearly 3,000 victims, it is estimated that 2,750 died from blunt impact injuries. Of those, fewer than 1,600 victims were identified leaving more than 1,100 people who simply disappeared without a trace. The reluctance to delve into the aftermath of the attacks leaves one important question unanswered, a question that has graced everyone’s…

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Mark your calendars. NASA funded research project predicts collapse of our civilization within the next few decades

Collapsing building from ancient Roman civilization

According to a surprising new study funded by NASA, civilizations on Earth are set to collapse – within only a few decades. Researchers used advanced mathematical models seeded with compelling historical data related to previous civilizational collapses (e.g. Roman Empire, Gupta Empires) to reach their conclusion and found that even with conservative estimations, civilization as…

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