How does NASA remotely drive Mars Curiosity Rover?

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The $2.5 billion dollar, nuclear powered Mars Curiosity Rover is not autonomous.  On Earth, NASA engineers manually drive the robot around the surface of Mars.  If you are picturing a NASA geek, red hand clinched tightly around a joystick, with a ear-to-ear grin – you’d only be partially correct. Driving Curiosity is not done in…

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Mars Curiosity Rover leaves tracks visible from space

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Curiosity Rover has certainly left its mark on the planet Mars.  Photos taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have been released showing the tire tracks left by Curiosity on the planet’s surface.  The bluish color spots are where Curiosity landed (named Bradbury landing after famous science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury) blowing Mars dust away from…

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