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The United States is outsourcing its Cyberspace (Cyber Command) Operations – really?

It’s a draft title Task Order Request for Cyberspace Operations Support Services in support of United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM). Oh, brother. That means the U.S. has bungled their cybersecurity so badly they’re now willing to outsource, and trust, this critical national security task to an outside contractor. Even a partner outside of the U.S. if they’re trusted status.
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Interesting geographic attack vector from a Russian launched cyber counter-attack

I love the Russians. I know, strange to hear that from an American in modern day with a new “cold war” (seemingly) beginning to gain steam. Let’s say, I respect them. Their hackers in particular. Their response to a cyberattack is to launch a full-on offensive attack against the attacker, quite a different response from the Chinese who tend to just block attackers, or the Americans, who never even notice an attack is taking place.
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New York Times hit by massive cyberattack less than 24 hours after publishing Snowden interview

Less than 24 hours after the New York Times posted an article in which Snowden expressed his distrust for American media outlets, Fox News (sorry about the source, but it is an interesting story) is reporting that the media giant's website was hit by a massive cyberattack. Both the newspaper,, and its corporate site went down about 11:30 AM ET displaying "HTTP 503 Service Unavailable" to visitors who attempted to access the site.
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Software developer sues China – is reprimended with an unrelenting string of cyberattacks against his company

We have breaking news for you – a China vs. United States war is already taking place. And it’s occurring in the commercial workspaces of U.S. based companies as we speak. A remarkable story has developed regarding Solid Oak Software Inc.’s battle against the People’s Republic of China over Solid Oak Software’s controversial CyberSitter software that China reportedly “stole” from the company. The case was filed at the U.S. District courthouse in Santa Ana. Brian Milburn, owner of Solid Oak Software, never received a single communication from the Chinese nor received a single communication from their lawyers. Instead, he received a healthy dose of cyberattacks and cyber harassment from a team of Shanghai-based hackers, with documented ties to the Chinese military, who had previously been implicated in a string of sensitive national security-related breaches going back several years.
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France blames U.S. for May 2012 cyberattack that required complete rebuild of French systems

In May 2012, the French government suffered two major cyberattacks, one of which required a complete rebuild of their network and hardware systems to repair. The attacks occurred between the day of the French Presidential election and the day incoming President François Hollande took office on May 15th. The sophistication of the attacks led authorities to suspect China as the attacker. But this week, a report in the French daily L'Express lays the blame solely on the back of the United States government (with no mention of the stupidity of the French officials who were hacked).
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Israel building out its elite “cyber warrior” combat group – Aman’s Intelligence Corps Unit 8200

The Jewish state is currently searching for young cyber-warriors to staff its Intelligence Corps Unit 8200 group, an elite cyber-warrior combat group led by Major General Ben Israel, in what it deems a high-priority operation. The move is in response to Iran’s new cyber command group which was formed more than a year ago. Most nations have realized that combat in cyberspace has become the fifth dimension of warfare following land, sea, air, and space and are scrambling to shore up military cyberattack/cybersecurity groups.
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FBI announces Next Generation Cyber Initiative to track down and destroy cyber attack(er)s

The FBI has announced that they have put in place an initiative to uncover and investigate web-based intrusion attacks using a crew of specially trained computer scientists who are able to extract hackers’ digital signatures from the mountains of malicious code they have released on the world. The Next Generation Cyber Initiative’s key aim is to expand their ability to quickly define “the attribution piece” of a cyber-attack so they can quickly jump on the black hat hackers.
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Department of Homeland Security to form “CyberReserve” volunteer cybersecurity army made of civilian hackers?

According to sources, the Department of Homeland Security was advised last week, to create a “cyber skills task force” that would act as a reserve army of cyber specialists in order to mold top-notch cybersecurity talent to address U.S. cybersecurity emergencies. Called the “CyberReserve” and similar to the National Guard program, CyberReserve would ensure professional “hackers” are on hand to respond to security-related national emergencies.
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Defense Secretary Panetta warns of dire threat of cyberattack on U.S.–equivalent of “cyber Pearl Harbor”

United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta painted a dire picture of cyberattack on the United States yesterday saying “an aggressor nation or extremist group could use these kinds of cyber tools to gain control of critical switches. They could derail passenger trains, or even more dangerous, derail passenger trains loaded with lethal chemicals."

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