Scientists struggle to explain Mars rock that appeared out of thin air.

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Last week, NASA scientists revealed the discovery of a mysterious rock on Mars that seems to have suddenly appeared out of thin air. News of the errant “mystery rock”, which NASA said was “like nothing we’ve ever seen before”, were announced last week during an event at which NASA shared the Mars rover team’s excitement…

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Slithering Rocks in Death Valley National Park

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In California’s Death Valley, there is an area call ‘Racetrack’ that has puzzled visitor’s for hundreds of years. The area gets its name from the large flat stones that mysteriously ‘race’ around this barren dry lake bed.

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The Grand Canyon’s rock record is missing 1.2 billion years of history

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Called “The Great Unconformity”, the Grand Canyon has a 1.2 billion year gap in the rock record. Above the gap is 500 million-year-old sandstone (Cambrian age), a time of billions of shelled marine creatures. Below the gap is metamorphic rock of the Slatherian period aged 1.75 billion years where no fossils exist at all. But…

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