Here’s a list of companies that have cut ties with the NRA.

Red stop hand

Yeah, they may get a little bit whacky sometimes, but the NRA is without a doubt the greatest supporter, and influencer, of Americans’ rights to own guns. With fear running rampant, many companies are using the mass-shooting epidemic as a marketing ploy and are turning against the NRA. Here is a running list of the…

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Snipers – how they operate and how to avoid their gun sights

Sniper in ghillie suit to remain hidden in grass

Professional snipers, particularly military-trained snipers, are well versed in marksmanship, field craft, reconnaissance, observation, surveillance, target acquisition and of course, camouflage. Avoiding a sniper attack can be nearly impossible but by understanding how they work, and following a few simple avoidance tactics, it’s possible you may be able to outwit them – and survive.

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