Beautiful bugs and icky spiders


Geek Slop understands. They’re creepy, icky, and tickle when they crawl through your hair but with an estimated 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 bugs and spiders crawling around on the planet, you might as well get used to them. Besides, some bugs and spiders are actually quite pretty. No? Check out the pictures below.

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Interesting facts about insects

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YES! Just what Geek Slop likes to see – a kid interested in learning! Check back here every week to see what the new Science Word of the Day is. Just think, after a year of this you’ll be a genius! This science word for today is: “Insects”.

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Creepy but beautiful insect works of art made from old watch parts

Scorpion made from old watch parts

Justin Gershenson-Gates, typically sells steampunk-like jewelry made from old watch parts on his A Mechanical Mind website but occasionally he reveals odd, but beautiful, machine-like insect thingies made from tiny light bulbs, electronic circuitry and yes, old watch parts – and people can’t get enough of them. Gates has created mechanical mantises, scorpions, butterflies, and…

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How to treat spider and scorpion stings in the wild.

Black Widow spider

If you are bitten by a spider in the wild, there are a few things you should do to help the situation: Stay Calm – Panic can cause your heart rate to increase, which can spread the venom throughout your body more quickly. Identify The Spider – Try to identify the spider that bit you…

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