Sample of iPhone 5 Reviews

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The iPhone goes on sale in two days and the reviews are out – and they are all over the place. Most agree, it’s an improvement over the iPhone 4S, which itself was a good phone. But not everyone feels rushing out to buy one is a good idea.

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What do we know about Apple’s iPhone 5 processor?

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If history is any indication, we can expect Apple to use the iPhone 5 processor in their devices for at least a couple of years. Apple of course has not released any details on their new processor other than the claim that it provides twice the processor performance and twice the graphics performance of the…

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iPhone 5 Details – Yawn

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As we announced a week ago, the changes coming to the iPhone 5 are minimal at best and not too many are that excited about the improvements. Announced on September 12, 2012 (launched on September 21, 2012), the iPhone 5 includes a 4-inch Retina display (still 326 PPI) with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 1136…

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