Red October espionage platform begins shutting down after exposure on Monday

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The Operation Red October espionage campaign was exposed on Monday (1/14/13) by Russian anti-virus software maker Kaspersky Lab. The Red October network was found to target hundreds of diplomatic, governmental, and scientific organizations in at least 39 countries, including the Russian Federation (the most frequent target), Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belgium, India, Afghanistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, and…

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Russian antivirus vendor, Kaspersky Labs, confirms development of ultra-secure industrial control system OS

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Russian antivirus vendor, Kaspersky Labs, has announced their intent to develop a secure operating system for industrial control systems (ICS), which have been recent targets of hackers and nation-state sponsored cyberattacks. They note that recent attacks against hardware control systems for utilities and industrial equipment has increased during the past decade and as such, they…

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