U.S. government gets even dopier with new Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) – really? [UPDATE]

Security lock in network

The House Intelligence committee is currently working to amend the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) whose stated aim is to “help the U.S government investigate cyber threats and ensure the security of networks against cyberattack”. Yes, the government that has already proven they cannot protect its citizens from cybersecurity threats now wants to…

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Steve Jobs yacht impounded for non-payment of bill

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Steve Jobs’ brand new yacht, that he never lived to see completed, has been impounded for non-payment of the bill. The dispute revolves around differing valuations of the yacht – the builder believes it is valued at $198 million while the Jobs family believes it is valued at only $139 million. The designer believes he…

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LulzSec hacker threatened with 30 years to life if convicted on all counts

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Jeremy Hammond, better known in the hacker world as “Anarchaos,” “sup_g,” “burn,” “yohoho,” “POW,” “tylerknowsthis,” and “crediblethreat,” has been held without bail since his arrest in March on charges connected with the 2011 hacking of Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor), an Austin, Texas-based international intelligence broker. Hammond and other LulzSec hackers face indictments charging them with conspiracy…

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Obama signs secret policy directive giving military and others ability to launch offensive cyberattacks

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As Senate Republicans shot down cybersecurity legislation backed by President Obama, the Washington Post is reporting that Obama signed a secret policy directive last month that will give the military and other government authorities the ability to act quickly if the country comes under cyberattack. Dubbed the “Presidential Policy Directive 20,” this classified document allegedly…

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