Nearby record-breaking M82 supernova continues to grow brighter

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Three days ago, a white dwarf exploded in the nearby M82 galaxy (aka Messier 82, Starburst Galaxy, or the Cigar Galaxy), the closest galaxy to our own. The explosion created the closest, and brightest, supernova seen by man in over a quarter of a century. In fact, the explosion is so bright, backyard astronomers are…

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Spring Heeled Jack

Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Valentine

Spring Heeled Jack – was he a creature, an alien, or a plain-old man wearing a strange costume and a powerful, hidden jumping apparatus? During the 1830’s, this ‘man’ terrorized England. Described as tall, thin, powerful, wearing a black cloak, the man could jump 20 to 30 feet vertical with ease. It was reported that…

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