How to use a map and compass to navigate in the wild.

All about the USGI compass and how to use it [VIDEO]

To determine the direction, or bearing, from one point to another, you need a compass as well as a map. Most compasses are marked with the four cardinal points—north, east, south, and west—but some are marked additionally with the number of degrees in a circle (360: north is 0 or 360, east is 90, south…

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How to read and use a topographic map in a survival situation.

Topographic map example

Topographic maps describe the shape of the land and can be used to help you locate natural and man-made features like woodlands, waterways, important buildings, and bridges. The information derived from a topographic map can help you locate sources for water and even if a clearly-defined water resource is not visible on the map, you…

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