Mysterious Sleeping Beauty illness hits Soviet village – residents collapse where they stand and sleep for days on end.

Mysterious sleeping illness striking Kalachi village and Soviet town of Krasnogorsk

Scientists are unclear what is causing the mysterious Sleeping Beauty sleep syndrome that has affected dozens of villagers in the Kalachi village and nearby Soviet town of Krasnogorsk. Beginning in the spring of 2013, Villagers began seeking medical help for fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, loss of coordination, partial memory loss, and occasionally even hallucinations. By January…

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A kid’s (or immature adult’s) guide to X-Rays.

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X-Rays are really quite amazing when you really think about it. I mean, come on guys, it lets you see right through things! Image how much fun it would be to have x-ray vision. When dad left for work you could snicker about his polka-dotted boxer underwear. At Wal-Mart you could look at closed-up stuff…

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Man develops star-shaped cataract eyes after 14,000-volt electrical shock.

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A California man has developed bizarre star-shaped cataracts in both of his eyes after suffering an electrical injury whereby 14,000 volts of electricity passed through his body. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the 42-year-old electrician was working when his left shoulder accidentally came into contact with 14,000 volts of electricity. The massive…

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Nineteen Year Coma

Kim Zolciak Svedka Halloween costume

In 1984, on Friday the 13th, Terry Wallace, then 19 years old, and a friend were involved in a major car accident in Mountain View, Arkansas. He went into a coma for 19 years and left a wife and small child waiting.

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