New state of matter (and new type of magnetism) discovered by MIT researchers

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Since 1987, a third state of magnetism, one that could be highly relevant to high-temperature semiconductors, has been a theoretical prediction. Now researchers at MIT have demonstrated experimentally the existence of a fundamentally new kind of magnetic behavior (and a new form of matter), adding to the two previously known magnetic states (ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism).…

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Infamous MIT Hacks (Pranks) and their influence on hacker ethic

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MIT pranks, or “hacks” as they are known in MIT lore, showcase MIT students’ scientific knowledge, mechanical engineering skills, anti-authoritarian whimsy, and geeky sense of humor. The tradition dates back to the 1870’s when students sprinkled iodide of nitrogen over the grounds of a military drill field causing mini explosions when fellow classmates conducted their…

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