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Music artists’ (e.g. Taylor Swift) power moves over streaming services leaves consumers in uncomfortable three-way

I can’t think of a more uncomfortable three-way than the contradictory relationship between music artists, streaming services, and the music listeners who pay everyone's bills. Between streaming services trying in vain to keep costs down, listeners trembling at the thought of increasing prices, and the music industry’s million-dollar music artists dreaming that the value their work justifies multi-million dollar payouts per music project, it’s no wonder torrent downloads are starting to shoot through the roof again.
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AOL’s kiss of death touches another – Winamp to shut down after 15 years

Started in 1997 by two college students, Winamp gained popularity as the MP3 player of choice for many geeks. Today, thanks to online competition and AOL's inherent ability to ruin anything it touches, Winamp will be closing down on December 20, 2013. At that time, Winamp web services and website (including Winamp downloads) will cease to exist. No longer will we hear the Winamp battle cry, "Winamp, it really whips the llama's ass".
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Meet Compressorhead – all-robotic band is the heaviest heavy metal band on the planet

Meet Compressorhead, the heaviest heavy metal band on the planet. At a combined weight of nearly six tons and hailing all they way from Germany, members Stickboy, Fingers, and Bones crank out some the gnarliest hard rock music on Earth - and their unique anatomy is key to their phenomenal musical abilities. Stickboy, the band's drummer, has four arms and two legs and plays a Pearl 14 piece kit. Fingers, the head-banging guitarist, has 78 fingers – enough to play the entire fret board and pluck at the same time. The bassist, Bones, is the youngest member of the band and believed to be the highest precision bass player in known existence. If you haven't guessed yet, Compressorhead is composed of three special-purpose robotic musicians. And they can rip a song to shreds

Chilling: Legend Paul McCartney and remaining members of Nirvana jam together at 12-12-12 charity concert

The rumors proved to be true – to the audience’s surprise, former Beatles bassist Paul McCartney was joined on the stage at the 12-12-12 charity concert by Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear of Nirvana to play a new song titled “Cut Me Some Slack”. Hold on tight while you watch these legends come together in the video below.

New Skrillex video features alien baby, robot sharks, futuristic grenades, and other cool Skrillex-isque type stuff

The Skrillex video, Breakin’ a Sweat, features robot sharks, guys on Jet Skis tossing futuristic grenades at the sharks, a lady birthing some sort of alien planet thingy (and then eating it), a psychedelic trip, an escape from the Matrix, a cop helicopter chase scene, a bouncing low-rider car jacking (which doesn’t seem to make the alien baby in the pregnant lady too happy), and other cool Skrillex-isque stuff. Oh, and all to the tune of a nice Skrillex song with the legendary band, The Doors chanting along). This is the second video released for Breakin’ a Sweat. Check it out below.
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Microsoft Xbox Music, streaming music service, launching to compete against Pandora, Spotify and iTunes

Microsoft is launching a new music service, to coincide with the Windows 8 launch, that will include streaming music, paid subscription models, and a music store. It will appear on Xbox 360 and Windows 8 PCs, laptops, and phones. The service will be rolled out to other platforms (iOS, Android, and a web-based version) at a later date.

Gangnam Style video – the most “liked” video on YouTube

With over 264 million views as of September 2012 and closing in on 3 million likes, the quirky Gangnam Style video became the most “liked” video in YouTube history. Gangnam Style is a Korean pop music video by Korean musician PSY that hit the Internet by storm in 2012. The video is well liked for its humor, catchy rhythm and PSY’s ability to make goofy looking dance moves appear to be cool.
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Car covered in speakers makes music out of noise

The Sound Taxi toured London last week collecting music samples from random street noise in a project named Make the City Sound Better. The samples are then mixed into a groove – real time. Production software on board the taxi gathers street noise via microphones mounted on top of the car, mixes it real time, then pumps out the beats through sixty-seven speakers and several Indian horns mounted on the surface of the car.

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