Congress forces data broker companies to reveal their methods of mining data on American citizens

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Led by Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Congress’s Privacy Caucus instructed nine alleged “data broker” companies to reveal their practices and released their findings to the public on 11/8/12. The nine companies contacted, including Acxiom, Epsilon (Alliance Data Systems), Equifax, Experian, Harte-Hanks, Intelius, Fair Isaac, Merkle, and Meredith Corp., responded to lawmaker questions about policies and practices…

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Google finally agrees to offer do-not-track option in Chrome

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Microsoft Internet Explorer has it and so does Firefox. Now Google Chrome will (reluctantly) have it too. The do-not-track option lets the user opt out of allowing their online activity to be tracked. Google decided to add the option as part of an agreement with the United States government.

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