Could reincarnation be memories passed through generations in our DNA?

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New research has shown that it may be possible for information to be inherited biologically through chemical changes that occur in our DNA, possibly explaining “past memories” or reincarnation claims reported by some people. During the tests, researchers demonstrated that mice can pass on learned information about traumatic or stressful experiences, in this case avoiding…

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New microchips make Superman-like x-ray vision possible on smartphone devices

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Although it doesn’t use true (damaging) X-Ray technology, a microchip breakthrough from Caltech has given device developers the means to introduce T-Ray scanning in devices as small as a smartphone. T-Rays (terahertz waves) fall into a largely untapped region of the electromagnetic spectrum—between microwaves and far-infrared radiation—and can penetrate a host of materials without the…

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See why Junk DNA might not be as worthless as they thought


40 years ago, scientists coined the term “Junk DNA” to describe the part of the genome that does not contain any genes. Given that genes represent the body’s instructions for how to make vital proteins, egotistical scientists figured Mother Nature must have screwed up in the 98% of the genome without any genes. Or so…

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