For first time in history, dinosaur fossils found in Saudi Arabia

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For the first time in history, confirmed dinosaur fossils have been found in Saudi Arabia. Rare in the Arabian Peninsula, the finding of the 72-million-year-old tail-bones of the plant-eating titanosaur and a fossilized teeth of a sharp-toothed theropod were discovered in the Adaffa formation, a pile of sandstone and conglomerates deposited during the Late Cretaceous…

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Sidewall skiing – Saudi Arabian youth drive on two wheels in latest craze

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Saudi Arabian youth, who apparently have very little to live for, have introduced some wild and crazy driving stunts to the world before. Last year YouTube video of Saudi youth “skiing” behind speeding cars went viral. This year they’ve upped the ante with “sidewall skiing”. Sidewall skiers use a ramp to tilt the car up…

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