Snipers – how they operate and how to avoid their gun sights

Sniper in ghillie suit to remain hidden in grass

Professional snipers, particularly military-trained snipers, are well versed in marksmanship, field craft, reconnaissance, observation, surveillance, target acquisition and of course, camouflage. Avoiding a sniper attack can be nearly impossible but by understanding how they work, and following a few simple avoidance tactics, it’s possible you may be able to outwit them – and survive.

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Can you spot the hidden snipers in these pictures?

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Driven by the increasing range and accuracy of firearms, camouflage designers have been researching and exploiting optical illusions since World War I and German artist Simon Menner proves that our eyes can often deceive us. Check out the photo montage below and see if you can spot the sniper hidden in each of the landscapes.

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