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14 days running a secret Dark Web pedophile honeypot (and why I now think Tor is the devil)

Before discoursing the lengthy analysis of the Dark Web honeypot (the pedophile honeypot in particular), let’s answer the question that is surely on everyone’s mind – did the honeypot allow me to reveal the true identity of the person visiting the site?
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Silk Road 2.0 bites the dust – does the U.S. government have a foothold in Tor?

A year after the infamous Deep Web site, Silk Road, was shuttered by federal law enforcement, Silk Road 2.0 (a nearly identical dark web site which opened a month after Silk Road shut down) has suffered the same fate. Officials announced yesterday that they have arrested Blake Benthall (aka Defcon) in connection with the ownership and operation of Silk Road 2.0.
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New law will grant FBI authority to crack your Tor/VPN connection – it’s time to up your game

If a recent DOJ proposal to amend Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure passes, granting the FBI the legal right to crack your Tor or VPN connection, you might have to be even more cautious – to the point of keeping up with file checksum/hashes to determine if you’ve been compromised, routinely wiping your machine, or running your OS off of a read-only medium.
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How to secure your Internet connection using a secure VPN through a secure VPN

If you are suspicious of Tor, tired of the laggy connection, or simply want a more stable means to ensure your connection is encrypted and secure, you can easily create a VPN connection through a VPN connection which ensures anonymity and hard-core encryption of your network stream (with kill switches to protect your identity if the VPN connection is dropped).
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Testimony reveals how FBI determined Ross ulbricht was owner of Silk Road

As Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht (aka Dread Pirate Roberts) heads to trial, prosecutor case filings reveal how the FBI determined Silk Road’s server location – and according to prosecutors, they didn’t have to break tor to find it. According to the FBI, Silk Road’s login page leaked the servers IP address through a misconfigured anti-abuse CAPTCHA control.
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Authorities in Britain, Spain, and the U.S. arrest 8 more following closure of Tor’s Silk Road

Authorities in Britain, Sweden, and the United States have arrested eight more people following last week's closure of Silk Road, a notorious black market website which helped dealers to sell drugs under the cloak of anonymity, officials and media said Tuesday. In the U.K., the country's newly-established National Crime Agency warned that more arrests were on the way.
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Tango Tor down – U.S. authorities take down world’s largest Deep Web host (and dose Tor with uncloaking malware)

Word has hit the streets that the FBI has arrested Eric Eoin Marquesm the alleged owner of Freedom Hosting, the largest Deep Web hosting platform on the planet. The arrest was made in Ireland with the takedown reportedly disrupting the entire Tor network which is, sadly, the home of the majority of all illegal online activity. It is also believed that in the process, the United States may have planted some sort of “virus” on many Onion websites. On the positive side, it is believed that by removing this single host from the Tor network, they have effectively removed “the majority of all child pornography online”.
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Austrian Tor operator arrested for child pornography transmitted through his Tor exit node

Even though we've warned about the dangers of running a TOR exit node, this is a bit alarming. William Weber, a 20-year-old IT administrator in Graz, Austria, has been charged with distribution of child pornography for kiddie porn that was transmitted through a TOR exit node he was running. During the raid, police confiscated around 20 computers, external hard drives, USB flashdrives, tablets (2 iPads), his phones (Samsung Galaxy Note and a HTC PDA), legal firearms (huh?), cable TV receiver, Xbox 360, a pocket knife, and his stash of drugs.
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The hidden Deep Web (Undernet) easy HOWTO – road to enlightenment or highway to hell?

Most hardcore geeks have been there and a few hardy souls visit it regularly. Known variously as the Deep Web, Deepnet, Invisible Web, Hidden Web, and Undernet, it is claimed to be several orders of magnitude larger than the surface web – if you can find the buried, hidden content that lies deep within. But with new technologies such as the Tor Browser, it is now easier than ever to delve into the Deep Web, anonymously of course, and trudge through the muck. Here’s how to do it.

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