Department of Homeland Security to form “CyberReserve” volunteer cybersecurity army made of civilian hackers?

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According to sources, the Department of Homeland Security was advised last week, to create a “cyber skills task force” that would act as a reserve army of cyber specialists in order to mold top-notch cybersecurity talent to address U.S. cybersecurity emergencies. Called the “CyberReserve” and similar to the National Guard program, CyberReserve would ensure professional…

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Iran launches organized cyberattack against U.S. banks

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The banks of JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America are being increasingly targeted this week, in a systematic denial-of-service (DoS) attack against their websites. National security officials told NBC News that the cyber attacks are originating from the government of Iran and as a result, the cyber threat level was raised from “elevated” to…

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Tim Berners-Lee’s Web Index rates countries

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Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, has a new pet project that he hopes will shape the Internet of the future.  His project, the “Web Index” measures and ranks over 60 countries on three broad states.  These include: web readiness, such as infrastructure; web use, the quantity of web content available; and web…

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ACTA – the top-secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Anti-ACTA Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement demonstration in Tartu

ACTA, short for Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is a treaty for the purpose of defining the standards for the enforcement of intellectual property rights. Its intent is to establish a legal framework within which all countries can operate to enforce intellectual property rights.

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U.S. Suspiciously Silent about Iraqi Abuses

The United States has been very vocal in its condemnations of Middle Eastern countries who use aggressive tactics on their protestors. When Iran cracked down on citizens the White House “strongly condemned the Iranian government’s organized intimidation campaign and arrests of political figures, human rights defenders, political activists, student leaders, journalists, and bloggers.” When Iraq…

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United States Subpoenas Twitter for WikiLeaks Supporter Information

Prosecutors investigating the disclosure of thousands of classified government documents by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks have gone to court to demand the Twitter account activity of several people linked to the organization, including its founder, Julian Assange, according to the group and a copy of a subpoena made public late Friday.

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Ron Paul defends Wikileaks and Poses Nine Questions for Americans

Congressman Ron Paul speaking at CPAC FL in Orlando, Florida

Ron Paul, the Texas Republican House Representative known for his deep libertarian roots, gave an impassioned speech on the U.S. House floor. Paul likened the attack in Wikipedia leader Julian Assange to “killing the messenger for bringing bad news”. He then posed nine questions for Americans to consider. Transcript of the speech shows…

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How the U.S. government used our search engines to spy on its citizens.

ARSAT datacenter

Of the vast amount of information available on the Internet, which subset is most hated by practically everyone? Child pornography. This deplorable form of pornography is so widely frowned upon in our society; persons who are convicted and serve time in prison are considered the lowest man on the totem pole and suffer unheard of…

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