New CallStranger exploit takes advantage of UPnP vulnerability in millions of routers, gaming systems, TVs, printers, and other Internet-connected attachable devices.

New CallStranger exploit takes advantage of UPnP vulnerability

Researchers just announced the discovery of a UPnP vulnerability that impacts any UPnP device exposed on the Internet. The attack, called CallStranger (CVE-2020-12695), is being used for massive DDoS attacks , to exfiltrate data, and to scan ports from Internet-facing UPnP devices. How the CallStranger exploit works The attack takes advantage of a Callback header…

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Users beware – yet another way to secretly save SnapChat pictures without the other user knowing it

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Besides using another device to capture the SnapChat image and other “hacks” already discovered that makes SnapChat not quite so “snappy”, yet another hack has been discovered which lets users secretly capture screen shots of SnapChat’s “private” pictures without notifying the sender. SnapChat is the self-claimed “sext-friendly” application that lets users share sexy or naked…

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Java vulnerability said to be “massively exploited” and already present in most exploit kits

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A previously unknown and currently unpatched vulnerability in the latest version of Java is being “massively exploited” according to researchers. Code that exploits the vulnerability has been added to Blackhole, Cool, Nuclear Pack, and Redkit exploit kits. The attack code is reportedly “highly obfuscated” meaning it’s likely getting past security checks. According to researchers, the…

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Is the US election system a prime target for a 2012 hack attack?

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According to security experts, the electronic voting process is ripe for attack in 2012. Nation-state attacks have increased, voter databases are increasingly interconnected, and electronic voting systems are plagued with vulnerabilities creating a situation where the 2012 election process is a prime target for a hacker attack.

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