Subaru helps over 47,000 shelter pets find new homes.

Shelter dogs with special needs - the underdogs loved at last

Subaru has partnered with local shelters across the country to help more than 47,000 shelter pets find loving homes in October 2022. Additionally, Subaru retailers across the nation donated over $1.6 million to local shelter partners to support their animal care efforts.

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Youth suicide rates increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially among males, American Indians, and Black youth.

Crisis Counseling sign posted on at Golden Gate Bridge to prevent suicides

The Center for Suicide Prevention and Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital says youth suicides have increased during COVID-19, particularly among males, non-Hispanic American Indian/Alaskan Native youth, and non-Hispanic Black youth. This is a concerning public health issue since suicide is the second leading cause of death for individuals aged 5-24 years in the US.

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