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I Can Read Your Mind – Honestly

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Judi had been working as a secretary at a new firm for a week when her boss told her “I’ll tell you a little secret.  I can read your mind!”

“Really?” says Judi.

“Yep,” replies the boss, as he looks her deep into her eyes.  “For instance, I know you’ve had a date with a man called Bob last Tuesday.”

“WOW!” exclaims Judi, “Unbelievable!  That’s true!”

“And,” continues the boss, “your mom’s birthday is April 22”.

“WOWEE!” says Judi, “I can’t believe it!  You really CAN read my mind!”

“Well actually”, her boss says, “you’ve left your private diary in my room yesterday”.

“Fantastic!” says Judi, “you even know THAT!”

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