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A collection of wildly inappropriate official logos (filed under “we can’t make this stuff up”).

Some graphic designers are gonna get fired for these official logos that likely didn’t turn out as expected. Check out the collection of wildly inappropriate logos below.

This logo that made reading “bunch of grapes” much harder than it had to be:

"Brunch of grapes" written in staggered letters

This business center’s logo that looks like someone sitting on the toilet:

A logo that looks like someone sitting on a toilet

This logo that actually says “Sid’s” but you wouldn’t think that at first glance:

A logo that looks like "STD'S"

This creepy logo for a plastic surgeon:

A logo with an eye, a knife, and lips

This logo for a childcare center that looks like it says XXX:

A daycare center logo with that looks like "XXX"

This logo for a Turkish water brand that doesn’t look like someone is…drinking water:

A logo that appears as if someone is receiving oral sex

This logo for the Beltway Plaza Mall that no one would understand:

An illegible logo for Beltway Plaza Mall

This logo for a singing tavern that looks like people being killed:

A logo that appears to have people hanging from musical notes

This anti-drug logo that looks like it’s pro-drugs:

"Meth. We're on it."

This logo for a weed dispensary that looks like poop smoking poop:

"their logo looks like a shit smoking a shit"

This very detailed logo on knockoff sneakers:

A knock-off Air Jordan shoe

This logo that’s supposed to be a straw in a cup:

A logo that appears to be a penis

This logo for coconut water that’s actually the chemical equation for dicarbon monoxide:

"C2O" on a bottle

This logo for Win River Plumbing…sorry, I meant Twin Rivers Plumbing:

A plumbing logo with two trees on the side of a van

This logo that looks like a dog-human hybrid:

A logo that appears to have a dog/human hybrid

This logo that looks like a trip to Paris:

A logo that appears to be three people having a threesome

And this logo for kids toys that looks like a swear word:

"ass toys"
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