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Boom Studios Comics January 2024 comic book solicitations – What’s new from Boom Studios Comics in January 2024.

Underheist 002 Cover B Variant Skroce

Geek Slop is excited to give you a sneak peek into the Boom Studios Comics January 2024 solicitations. Check out the Boom Studios Comics titles and new releases that will be hitting the stores in January 2024.

Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #11

OnceUpon 011 Cover D Variant Olivetti

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Nick Dragotta

Colorist: Rico Renzi

Cover Artists: Ariel Olivetti, Nick Dragotta, Jenny Frison, Ariel Olivetti, and Alexandre Tefenkgi

  • Nick Dragotta Joins Jason Aaron For The FINAL Book!
  • From their initial meet cute in the wasteland to the paradise oasis they built in adulthood, everything in Maceo and Mezzy’s story has led to this.
  • Torn asunder by the events of the critically acclaimed Book Two, each faces old age and the unforgiving end of all things, isolated on a planet breathing its last breaths.
  • But fate has other plans for these star-crossed lovers, and they will be reunited one last time… with nothing less than the fate of the entire world at stake.
  • Iconic artist Nick Dragotta (East Of West, Ghost Cage) joins New York Times bestselling and Eisner and Harvey Award winning writer Jason Aaron to bring this epic post-apocalyptic love story to an unbelievable conclusion that no comic book reader can afford to miss.

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 3, 2024

Pine and Merrimac #1 Cover A

Pine and Merrimac #1 Cover B

Pine and Merrimac #1

Pine and Merrimac #1

Writer: Kyle Starks

Artist: Fran Galán

Cover Artists: Fran Galán, Erica Henderson, Tula Lotay, and Jae Lee

  • Eisner-nominated writer Kyle Starks (Peacemaker Tries Hard!) brings his first original series to BOOM! Studios!
  • On the corner of Pine and Merrimac sits a small, unassuming town… Just a simple place, simple people, and one horrifying secret that could change everything…
  • After a lifetime of witnessing the worst that humanity has to offer, former homicide detective Linnea Kent has decided to put all of that behind her.
  • Alongside her husband, a former professional MMA fighter and the unofficial brawn to her brains, she’s moved far from the busy city to open up a quiet little detective agency.
  • At first, the simple cases this nook of the world has to offer were exactly what she was looking for, but there’s more to the quaint hamlet than Linnea could have possibly imagined, and something truly sinister pulling the strings…
  • Eisner-nominated scribe Kyle Starks (I Hate This Place, Creepshow) is joined by fan-favorite artist Fran Galán (The Amazing Spider-Man) for an unexpected detective tale perfect for readers of Reckless and The Department of Truth!

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 3, 2024

House of Slaughter Pen & Ink #1 Cover A

House of Slaughter Pen & Ink #1

Created by: James Tynion IV & Werther Dell’Edera

Writer: Tate Brombal

Artist: Chris Shehan

Cover Artist: Chris Shehan

  • Discover the highest-selling comic book of 2021 in a brand new light!
  • Revisit the very beginning of the bloody, record-breaking Something is Killing the Children spinoff through the unadulterated, raw black & white line art!
  • Featuring never-before-revealed insights into the creative process on each page with exclusive commentary from highly acclaimed series artist Chris Shehan, and a brand new introduction by writer Tate Brombal.

Retail Price: $6.99

Release Date: January 31, 2024

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #116

Writer: Melissa Flores

Artist: Adam Gorham

Colorist: Joana Lafuente

Cover Artist: Taurin Clarke, Björn Barends, Goñi Montes, and Zu Orzu

  • In the race to reach the Master Arch, the last Ranger anyone expected is the only one to arrive… But it’s far from over, with a deadly villain not far behind.
  • An epic confrontation years in the making is finally here as the Darkest Hour reaches a fever pitch!
  • But in the twisted arena of the Grid, the lines between hero and villain blur even further, and this battle might just prove to be the end of one character’s long journey…

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 24, 2024

Power Rangers Unlimited: The Morphin Masters #1

Writers: Ryan Parrott & Rachel Wagner

Artist: Daniel Bayliss

Colorist: Arthur Hesli

Cover Artists: Toni Infante, Goñi Montes, and Miguel Mercado

  • Ryan Parrott Returns For This DARKEST HOUR Tie-In!
  • Following the shocking events of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #116, an iconic character has entered The Grid, searching desperately for the Morphin Masters and the answers they might possess.
  • But as Dark Specter’s infection grows increasingly more dangerous… new revelations are uncovered that will shake the Power Rangers universe to its very core!
  • Iconic Rangers writer Ryan Parrott returns to the franchise alongside co-writer Rachel Wagner (Power Rangers, Rogue Sun) and artist Daniel Bayliss (Firefly).
  • Fans will not want to miss this key tie-in issue expanding the epic Darkest Hour event!

Retail Price: $7.99

Release Date: January 31, 2024

Ranger Academy #4

Writer: Maria Ingrande Mora

Artist: Jo Mi-Gyeong

Colorist: Fabiana Mascolo

Cover Artists: Miguel Mercado, Goñi Montes, Jo Mi-Gyeong, and Yejin Park

  • This is it. The big test. Sage will need to successfully perform her First Morph, but don’t worry–it will only take all of her skills, while surviving on a hostile planet known only as CHROMIA!
  • It will take more than just her skills though, with teamwork being essential to reach the peak and acquire the means of Morphin time.
  • But when the class bully runs into some trouble on the way, will Sage risk her test results to save him, or leave him behind?
  • In this game-changing issue, fans are not going to want to miss out on the exclusive spoiler variant cover by Goñi Montes, featuring a surprise so big that we can’t show you the art!

Retail Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 3, 2024

Underheist #2

Underheist 002 Cover B Variant Skroce

Writers: David Lapham & Maria Lapham

Artist: David Lapham

Cover Artists: David Lapham, Gabriel Hardman, and Steve Skroce

  • After the heist, David receives miraculous news from his wife Gabriella, but he’s desperate to not darken her unassuming demeanor by revealing his recent deeds.
  • But back at the site of the crime, David discovers something horrific when following the next stage of the plan, only to find himself in the midst of another brutal, gut wrenching sequence of events when making his way to Doc’s apartment…

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 10, 2024

Lotus Land #3

Writer: Darcy Van Poelgeest

Artist: Caio Filipe

Colorist: Patricio Delpeche

Cover Artist: Alex Eckman-Lawn, Aaron Campbell, and Sebastian Fiumara

  • Bennie is in dire bloody straits, but superhuman help from someone with a shared past may be what he needs to make it out alive.
  • As he gets wrapped up in a murder investigation and has to clear his name, he also visits some ruins of the past that will finally shed some light on the young girl from his visions.

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 17, 2024

The Space Between #3

Writer: Corinna Bechko

Artist: Danny Luckert

Cover Artists: Danny Luckert, Ariel Olivetti, and Vincenzo Riccardi

  • 10 years after Bee and Pari’s story began, The Dodona is in trouble, potentially even drifting off course! Even minor miscalculations can spell disaster.
  • Peace is hard to come by when under such pressure, and it will take everyone working together–putting aside the notion of winners and losers, to build an ideal society moving forward, if the ship is moving forward at all…

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 3, 2024

Abbott: 1979 #4

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Artist: Sami Kivelä

Cover Artists: TajFrancis and Ejikure

  • In the penultimate issue, Elena prepares for the final battle with the Umbra, a massive shadow in the Detroit River under the Ambassador Bridge.
  • But Elena is not alone. Those that bring the light to many, will bring all the light together in the end.

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 10, 2024

Rare Flavours #5

Writer: Ram V

Artist: Filipe Andrade

Cover Artists: Filipe Andrade, Javier Rodriguez, and Nimit Malavia

  • Rubin couldn’t hide his dark secret forever, and Mo certainly won’t stick around, finally learning the truth.
  • But after two assassins capture the demon, will Rubin make an escape, and will Mo learn the true motivations behind Rubin’s culinary dreams?
  • There is just one issue left until the mouthwatering conclusion to Ram V and Filipe Andrade’s new classic-in-the-making!

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 31, 2024

Slow Burn #4

Writer: Ollie Masters

Artist: Pierluigi Minotti

Cover Artists: Matt Taylor, Goran Sudzuka, and Gabriel Hardman

  • After Roxanne and Luke found dysfunctional refuge from their flawed families together, it was one messed up sequence of events after another that brought them to Patti’s house, and the town on fire.
  • But speaking of a messed up past… Patti reveals her connections to the origin of the fire, and it’s not long before a mysterious set of headlights moves through the mist, coming to pay them a visit in Trier…

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 24, 2024

Coda #5

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artist: Matías Bergara

Cover Artists: Matías Bergara, Nick Robles, and Ian Bertram

The FINAL ISSUE of the Eisner-Nominated Series’ Triumphant Return!

For every hero’s weakness, one of their companions will be there to pick up the slack, and that’s exactly how Hum and company will get through the city, in search of the Spriggan.

But there are some unexpectedly unthinkable things that only Hum is capable of, and after a massive portal appears, Mildew’s followers also do something unexpected–take a deadly leap of faith.

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 31, 2024

Mech Cadets #6

Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa

Cover Artists: Takeshi Miyazawa & Ian Herring, InHyuk Lee, and Dustin Nguyen

  • The FINAL ISSUE of the Hit Series and Top 10 Netflix Series!
  • Still reeling from the discovery of the Sharg’s ultimate weapon, the cadets need to work as a unit again if they have a chance of saving the world and the people they love most.
  • Meanwhile, Felix is appalled by what she sees as a rebellious abomination–a failed experiment–and will do whatever it takes to reel Olivia back in, and away from Hero Force Two…

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 17, 2024

Zawa + The Belly of the Beast #3

Writer: Michael Dialynas

Artist: Michael Dialynas

Cover Artists: Michael Dialynas, Dani Pendergast, and Riley Rossmo

  • Zawa is healing, being around such kindness, and playing a personal part in regrowth, to Bandit’s joy.
  • But the roar of the mountain, and the vile voice of the mayor may have the final say…

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 10, 2024

Ghostlore #8

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Leomacs

Colorist: Jason Wordie

Cover Artists: Reiko Murakami, Martin Morazzo, and DANI

Some of those Lucas has met on his path are in grave danger–targets for assassins, and it’s up to him to help them.

And in a panic, he tries to get Harmony on the phone… knowing she’s far from safe and time is running out.

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 3, 2024

Damn Them All #12

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artist: Charlie Adlard

Colorist: Sofie Dodgson

Cover Artists: Charlie Adlard and Justine Florentino

  • The FINAL ISSUE of the series from Simor Spurrier and Charlie Adlard that took horror comic fans to hell and back!
  • In a final showdown between the devils and the angels attached to Theo’s strings, Ellie is seemingly alone against their deranged, infernal and celestial screaming.
  • But allies may be ready to fly in at any moment… revealing that The Rules can in fact be broken, and El’s flesh and blood will play a fateful part in the destiny of hell.

Retail Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 17, 2024

Firefly: The Fall Guys #5

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Jordi Pérez

Colorist: Francesco Segala

Cover Artists: Francesco Francavilla, Justine Florentino, and Junggeun Yoon

  • The penultimate issue arrives, and it’s dawn on the day of the Prime Minister’s fateful speech, tension hanging in the air.
  • With Zoë, the gangsters, and the Feds all lining up the shots… will Zoë finally have her revenge as a Browncoat, or will Mal talk her down?

Retail Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 10, 2024

ORCS! The Gift #2

Writer: Christine Larsen

Artist: Christine Larsen

Cover Artists: Christine Larsen and Dani Pendergast

  • The Orcs will need something special to prepare for another attack, and what better weaponsmiths than Dwarves to tackle the job? But will Bog, Zep, and Znarn be able to convince a one-time ally who probably has some hard feelings?
  • Meanwhile, Pez is practicing her magic, but the forest is heavy with tragedy as unicorns are dying left and right. If the Rangers are wrong in assuming it’s Orcish mischief…who’s really responsible?

Retail Price: $5.99

Release Date: January 10, 2024

BRZRKR: Bloodlines Vol. 1 Softcover

Creator: Keanu Reeves

Writers: Steve Skroce and Mattson Tomlin

Artist: Steve Skroce; Rebekah Isaacs

Colorist: Dave Stewart; Jordie Bellaire

Cover Artist: Travis Charest

  • Keanu Reeves’ chart-topping immortal returns in a brand-new collection!
  • Renowned filmmaker and record-shattering comic creator Keanu Reeves is joined by writer/artist Steve Skroce (The Matrix, Post Americana), screenwriter and director Mattson Tomlin (A Vicious Circle, The Batman Part II), and artist Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Money Shot) for a pair of self-contained stories set within the 80,000 year history of BRZRKR!
  • In Poetry of Madness, B. safeguards the advanced and ancient realm of Atlantis as its unstoppable protector. But a sickly monarch serves as a symbol for the rot inside and the cracks created by a secret cult might spell a monstrous end for the legendary city, one beyond even B.’s ability to save.
  • In Fallen Empire, a former kingdom eradicated by the BRZRKR has a single living survivor. She and her people knew B. as the God King. In this tragic story of death and cataclysm, the survivor recounts a fable in which lost love, manipulation, and warring empires brought out the very worst of Unute…
  • Collects BRZRKR: Poetry of Madness #1 and BRZRKR: Fallen Empire #1.

Retail Price: $19.99

Release Date: March 27, 2024

Power Rangers Archive Book Two Deluxe Edition Hardcover


Writers: Mary Bierbaum, Tom Bierbaum, Robert L. Washington III, Dan Slott, Stefan Petrucha, and Ryan Buell

Artists: Todd Nauck, Ron Lim, and Ph Marcondes

Cover Artist: Ron Lim with design by Marie Krupina

  • The Power Rangers legacy stretches far beyond the teenagers from Angel Grove. This volume collects action-packed stories of some of the most legendary teams: Power Rangers Zeo, Turbo Rangers, Super Samurai Rangers, Megaforce Rangers, and the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!
  • This recharged hardcover collection of the legendary franchise features stories by a team of all-star writers including Tom and Mary Bierbaum (Legion of Super-Heroes) and Dan Slott (The Amazing Spider-Man), along with fan-favorite artists Todd Nauck (Young Justice), Ron Lim (Silver Surfer), and many more.
  • Collects comics from Valiant, Image and Papercutz such as Power Rangers Zeo Image #1, Power Rangers Turbo #1-2 Power Rangers Super Samurai #1-2, Papercutz Megaforce #1-2, Papercutz MMPR #1-2, Papercutz FCBD 2014, as well as additional Power Rangers activity pages and letters!

Retail Price: $75.00

Release Date: March 20, 2024

Garfield: Full Course Vol. 2 Softcover


Writers: Mark Evanier, Scott Nickel

Artists: Gary Barker, Mike DeCarlo, Andy Hirsch, Mark & Stephanie Heike, David DeGrand, Fred Hembeck, Courtney Bernard, and Genevieve Ft

Colorists: Lisa Moore, Courtney Bernard, and Genevieve Ft

  • The second Full Course collection, featuring even more of Garfield’s best comic book escapades, sends the gang on some wacky adventures! Odie makes a new friend, Garfield faces his most fearsome foe–the Lasagna Monster–and Nermal sets a world record?!
  • The good times continue to roll, as we see how the gang beats the heat and learn if Jon can finally stop being late. Meanwhile, Pet Force stops by for even more thrilling adventures!
  • Along with Garfield creator Jim Davis, Mark Evanier, Scott Nickel, Gary Barker, Mike DeCarlo, Andy Hirsch, Mark & Stephanie Heike, and more bring home an extra serving of cattitude with the Fat Cat.
  • Collects Garfield #9-16.

Retail Price: $16.99

Release Date: March 27, 2024

Salty Roos #4

After being coated by alien spores, Salty, Rodney, and Ollie are transformed into anthropomorphic kangaroos! The three Roos, along with their human liaison Piper, travel the world, solving mysteries and fighting crime.

After people start mysteriously disappearing, a quiet Cape Cod community discovers they’re under attack by a huge bloodsucking tentacle monster! As a storm approaches, the Roos help coordinate the town’s defenses. Nanuke Guido organizes a party at his pub, intending to keep the island’s residents safe, unaware of the danger lurking close by. Can the Roos save the townsfolk in time or will it be an all-you-can-eat buffet for this ravenous sea creature?

By Erick Anderson

Standard Comic

Full Color

Page Count: 24

Print $5.50

Digit 99¢

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