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Noonan’s (Harley Quinn spin-off) series Watch – news and insider info on the Noonan’s (Harley Quinn spin-off) series (TBA).

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About the Noonan’s (Harley Quinn spin-off) series.

Movie synopsis

An official synopsis has not been released.


No cast announcements have been made.


No production leaders have been announced.


Project is currently in pre-production status.

Noonan’s (Harley Quinn spin-off) series watch – news, leaks, insider info, and more.

New Harley Quinn spinoff series, Noonan’s, enters concept stage. March 14, 2022

The upcoming Harley Quinn spin-off series for HBO Max will be titled Noonan’s. Co-creator Patrick Schumacker revealed the first details about the series at the Not Kidding Around: Warner Bros. Animation and the Reimagining of Iconic Characters for an Adult Audience SXSW panel:

“He [Kite Man] tries to run the bar by himself but it doesn’t turn out so easy. We have Harley and Ivy appear in the first episode, but after that we have with different goons and villains appearing every episode like Lex Luthor and Bane. It will be kind of like Cheers for supervillains.”

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