Apache Kid

The Apache Kid (Alan Krandal) is a fictional Old West character in the Marvel Comics universe, mostly seen in stories from Marvel’s 1950s precursor, Atlas Comics. This character was named after, but is unrelated to, the real-life Native American man known as The Apache Kid. The Apache Kid (Alan Krandal) debuted as the cover feature, drawn by a young John Buscema, of Two-Gun Western #5 (cover-dated Nov. 1950). The writer co-creator is unknown. He received his own title the following month, premiering as The Apache Kid #53 (Dec. 1950, picking up the numbering from Reno Browne, Hollywood’s Greatest Cowgirl) and then running as Apache Kid #2-19 (Feb. 1951 – Jan. 1952; Dec. 1954 – April 1956).

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