Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey is a DC Comics superhero team. The group is initially based in Gotham City and later operates in Metropolis and then relocates once more to “Platinum Flats”, California. The series was conceived by Jordan B. Gorfinkel and originally written by Chuck Dixon. The core of the team is made up of Oracle and Black Canary, with other heroines forming a rotating roster. After Black Canary’s departure, Huntress remained as the staple member and field leader, alongside new “core members”. Following the events of Flashpoint (2011), Oracle recovers her mobility and reclaims her former Batgirl identity, taking a brief hiatus from the team in the process. Despite the previously all-female central roster, male allies such as Nightwing, Wildcat, Savant and Creote frequently assist missions. In addition, Hawk and Dove briefly joined the team, making Hawk its first male member.

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