Package Grade

Geek Slop’s geek store “Package Grade” is similar to the comic book grading scale.

1 – Collector’s Grade: Item is brand new, unopened, and as near to mint condition as possible. Item has been inspected, graded, and verified before being specially packaged and sealed to preserve its condition. For the discerning collector who wants a mint item and is willing to pay premium price.

2 – Standard Grade: Item is brand new and fresh out of the case. Is in mint condition but packaging could have slight scrapes or rubbing. Suitable for opening or for display in the package.

3 – Slightly Below Standard Grade: Item is new and unopened but may have rubbing, scratches, or slight dents on the package. Is still in collectable condition.

4 – Package Damaged Grade: Packaging is damaged – torn, creased, or cracked – but item inside is in good condition. Suitable for display outside the package.

5 – Damaged Product: Packaging and product may be damaged, Would not be suitable for display but could still function as a toy for play or used for parts.

Ungraded: Item has not been graded or grading is not applicable.

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