Shiv (Cindy Burman) is the daughter of the supervillain the Dragon King. She was created by Geoff Johns and Tom Mandrake and first appeared in DCU Villains Secret Files and Origins #1 (April 1999). Shive had a grudge against Stargirl and was also a member of Johnny Sorrow’s incarnation of the Injustice Society. She is determined to follow in her father’s footsteps, having been genetically modified at a young age and gaining a healing factor and retractable blades attached to her wrists. However, her father Dr. Ito refuses to let her help him and generally ignores her, resulting in Cindy becoming bitter and spiteful as she feels no one truly loves her. Eventually, she steals some of her father’s inventions to force him to accept her.

Cindy Burman
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