Best sensor scheme for hot brakes?

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      May or may not build something but the last couple cars I’ve had tend to develop dragging brakes after a while. Probably doesn’t help that I park on a dirt/stone driveway and live in a northern climate. My guess is there’re a lot of people not getting the best mileage due to dragging brakes, maybe more than from low tire pressure before tire pressure sensors. My Hyundai drops from about 38 to 35 when I know I have a problem. Less than that if it’s a smokin’ hot problem. Anyway, I’ve considered thermocouples mounted on the calipers, thermistors and diodes, all requiring wiring back to a box in the passenger compartment. I’d like an IR solution pointed right at the rotors, but that probably won’t be cheap or easy. Curious what the hive mind can come up with.

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      Thermocouple is still the best, but I would do it like wireless tire pressure monitors, Those already can report tire temperature, so a dragging brake heats 1 tire more than the rest, and there is a standard already to make it compatible with many cars. just broadcasting the temperature information.

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