Card shuffle machines in casinos

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      They keep the game at a brisk pace..
      Prevents shuffletracking and clump tracking..but the REAL reason they use the machines is for,

      Prevents dealer’s from false shuffling the cards.

      Pai Gow John had no problem finding dealers whom he would fly out to San Digeo to learn one of many false shuffles that they would use on there employers games. It was easy for him to find dealers who would do this.

      I don’t have my notes anymore on Pai Gow John, but if memory doesn’t fade on me, John made about 5 million bucks with his false shuffle students.

      I have a bit piece on Pai Gow John in the routine Vegas Shuffle by Ortiz which I demo a false shuffle casino style ( a face-down riffle shuffle ), the second shuffle of the routine.

      My question to you is basically, if you were a dealer and you knew you could false shuffle the cards and keep the cards in order, to get a big payday, would you do it? I know that this is a loaded question because when I do the above routine, I always get some people that would say “YES”..they would cheat if had the opportunity.

      What would you do?

Viewing 0 reply threads
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