Here’s a Marvel prototype checklist

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      Prototypes shown by HT, but not for sale yet and may never be released:
      Loki (Ragnarok)
      Valkyrie (Ragnarok)
      Drax (Vol.2/Infinity War)
      Gamora (Vol.2/Infinity War)
      Loki (Infinity War)
      Bucky (Infinity War)
      Falcon (Infinity War)
      Iron Man MK ? Hulkbuster MK II (Infinity War)
      Iron Spider (Infinity War)
      Scarlet Witch (Infinity War)
      Vision (Infinity War)
      Black Panther (Infinity War)
      Doctor Strange (Infinity War)
      Star-Lord (Infinity War)
      Outrider (Infinity War)
      Corvus Glaive (Infinity War)

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