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      Okie, so today I will be giveing you some pretty basic wig styling and care tips for first time cosplayer or really anyone I guess 😆 .


      Alright so, you just went out and just bought a super exspensive wig right?????? Well oviously you want to take care of it and not jack it up. Okie so first run to the store or your local wig dealer and picking up a few product like: Sampoo, conditioner, and detangler. Detangler is opitional, but i highly sudgest that you do. Detangler gets out tough knots, and prevents future ones. Not to mention if you get a sented one it makes your wig smell fruity and fun :D. Again, conditioner is opitional, but I once again highly suddgest it. It makes the wig so much softer and easy to manage. Now, to wash your wig simply fill up your sink with cold water and gently applie products. See piece of cake 8). And guys brush your wig!!!!! Just you know if you see it getting knotted brush it with a brush or a comb. Alright, guys dont just leave your wig on the floor or stuffed in your closet!!!! Your wig will be very sad if you do 🙁 haha see! If you want you want you can buy a manequine head and put your wig on it, but if you want the cheap way out just put it some where it wont get messed up.


      Okie so right now if you dont have some good gel or hairspray and some bobbing pins go to the store asap for some! Very important because your going to need a lot of product for some of those crazy compicated hairstyles. Also remeber to read the back of the product and test it on your hair first, that way you know for a fact it worthy of going on your wig. Be sure to applie product gentaly on your wig so you dont damage it. Also be sure to check out tutorials on youtube they have some great styling videos that can be a great help!

      Alright hope this helped till nexy time l8ter!!!!

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