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Check out this video of Ukraine’s awesome Banderamobile – the most advanced military vehicle on the planet – or any planet for that matter.

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Check out the video below. It reveals the mind-blowing Banderamobile military vehicle. Prepare to fall out of your seat.

The most remarkable aspect of this video is not the staggering speed and maneuverability of the Banderamobile nor its impressive ability to launch a volley of guided missiles at the vehicles in the military convey – without missing a single tank! We’re not floored by how the Banderamobile cleverly evades the counterattack, its impressive modern design, or the bravery of the photographer. What really blows our mind is the fact that this entire video is not real. That’s right. It’s a CGI vid created by some unknown Jedi video master out of Ukraine.

Bandecar explains the reason for the video.

“In the early days of the war, a Russian talking-head reported that in Ukraine are so-called Banderamobiles: these are off-road vehicles with high cross-country ability and powerful weapons. Of course, this is nonsense, like everything this talking head says.

But we created it to see what it would look like – if it’s true. Actually, we are raising funds to help the victims of the war and this video is meant to remind the world that there is still a bloody war in Ukraine.

We need your help!”

Bandercar is seeking donations to help support the war and recovery in Ukraine (and maybe even build a real life Banderamobile). Given the entertainment value of this video, I’d say we can surely contribute some money to their coffers – right? You can donate to their cause here.

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