NSA to Congress: “But we want ALL the data. Any other way is just TOO hard.”

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The Wall Street Journal has revealed that a “select few lawmakers” have received a heads up from the NSA regarding their controversial sweeping telephone-surveillance program whereby the major phone companies provide the NSA with the phone records of *all* of their customers. In response to White House and Congress demands that the NSA change the…

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FBI seizes anonymous mailer server putting 100s of legit users offline

Mixmaster anonymous email remailer

On Wednesday, April 18, at approximately 16:00 Eastern Time, U.S. Federal authorities removed a server from a colocation facility shared by Riseup Networks and May First/People Link in New York City. The seized server was operated by the European Counter Network (“ECN”), the oldest independent internet service provider in Europe, who, among many other things,…

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ACTA – the top-secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Anti-ACTA Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement demonstration in Tartu

ACTA, short for Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is a treaty for the purpose of defining the standards for the enforcement of intellectual property rights. Its intent is to establish a legal framework within which all countries can operate to enforce intellectual property rights.

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Occupy Wall Street – This is how Revolutions begin.

Occupy Wall St ALAN test

The OccupyWallStreet movement, spearheaded by OccupyTogether is gaining momentum. Youth are taking to the streets in droves, rejecting the current economic order rooted in corporate and political greed, and are seeking to redefine the future of the United States

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