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These are interviewee’s answers to a hot topic question from a TV reporter. Can you guess the question from their answers?

Black Lives Master protests

A television reporter caught patrons outside a grocery store and asked them their opinion on a hot topic. From these answers, can you tell what question was asked?

I don’t like it. They’re just trying to put something on us that we don’t’ want. We ought to have a national election on it rather than letting 9 people telling us what we’ve got to do.

Mask requirements? Covid-19 restrictions?

Well, of course, being a southerner I’m not for it at all. I just don’t know how it’s all going to turn out. I hope we don’t have any trouble.

Hmmm…. Something regarding racial tensions…

Well I think if they remain peaceful it would be a lot better than maybe the violence that we’ve been seeing.

Definitely something regarding protests. Portland maybe…

I think this is the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened. They are just as free as we are. They have the same opportunities to work and build just the same as we have.

Did you guess Black Lives Matter?

What I have to say wouldn’t be fit to go on the air.

Nope, not BLM. These answers were from 1964. The interviewees were white. The patrons were asked how they felt about the Civil Rights Act. Racists don’t change much over time, do they…

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