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What will our history books say about Twitter labeling a US president’s tweet as deceptive or untrue?

Twitter labels fact checks trump tweet

I am truly stunned. Never thought it would happen. They didn’t have the guts. But Twitter shocked everyone today, Donald Trump included, when they boldly lableled one of Trump’s tweets as potentially misleading. A Twitter representative explained:

“A pair of tweets from the President contain potentially misleading information about voting processes and have been labeled to provide additional context around mail-in ballots.”

The warning came over tweets in which Trump claimed that mail-in ballots in California are likely to be “substantially fraudulent”. Twitter’s warning label is not subtle. The label appears below the tweet as a large, blue explanation point with the text, “Get the facts about mail-in ballots.”

To add insult to injury, when you click the warning label you are taken to a fact-checking page highlighting a CNN story debunking the president’s false claims.