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Yep, they really did it. Period Crunch. A uterus-shaped breakfast cereal that also colors the milk red.


Created to raise awareness of the lack of conversations about periods in the home, wellness brand INTIMINA is releasing a unique menstrual-themed breakfast cereal called Period Crunch. According to INTIMINA:

“Every piece of the statement-making cereal resembles a uterus and has been released by INTIMINA as part of our campaign to encourage more dialogue about menstrual health.”

Each bite of INTIMINA’s cereal accurately replicates the structure of a human uterus and yes, the cereal pieces turn the milk an eerily accurate blood-red. The cereal box includes facts, conversation starters, and a diagram of the female reproductive system for people to try to identify exactly where the uterus is located (according to INTIMINA, 82% of people cannot correctly identify the uterus’ location).


Danela Zagar, Intimina’s global brand manager, said:

“Periods are normal and talking about periods should be normal. But because of the ongoing stigma around menstruation, period conversations remain difficult and embarrassing for people, even with loved ones. There’s no more normal and everyday a scene than the whole household sitting down together at the kitchen table and talking over a meal. And if period conversations were truly normalized then they wouldn’t be off this table – or off any table for that matter. But as our research shows, conversations about periods at home are few and far between. For the sake of our physical and mental health, we need to talk more about our menstrual health – and that’s what Period Crunch cereal is designed raise awareness of and make a statement about.”

The cereal is raspberry-flavored.

To register your interest in receiving a box of Period Crunch, email

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