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The bizarre Dissident Homeschool Network “educates” kids using Nazi infused ideology in their lesson plans.

Mother tell me about Adolf Hitler

All hail the Dissident Homeschool network

Westermanns Handwriting Guide for Greater Berlin

The homeschooling network, Dissident Homeschool, is a popular Telegram channel that focuses on homeschooling children with lesson plans based on Nazi principles. They openly embrace Nazi ideology and promote white supremacy while bragging about how their children are not allowed to have contact with people of any other race.

Run by the “Saxon family” (Vice News and the Huffington Post reported that the Saxon’s are really Logan Lawrence and Katja Lawrence from Upper Sandusky, Ohio), the channel describes itself as “a place for dissident homeschool parents” with “material that is not riddled with Current Year programming.” Their history lessons praise the Confederate general Robert E Lee as a “grand role model for young, white men” and denigrate Martin Luther King Jr as “the antithesis of our civilization and our people”.

The group has more than 3,000 subscribers and includes items like printouts so students can use Adolf Hitler quotes to practice cursive handwriting and tips to “avoid Jewish media content.” According to reports, the Lawrences have said they’re committed to helping these children become a “wonderful Nazi.”

Here’s what they shared with fellow homeschoolers when they hit the 1,000-subscriber mark.

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Why enroll kids in a crazy Nazi school?

Mrs. Saxon told the neo-Nazi podcast Achtung! Amerikaner the reason they started Dissident Homeschool”.

“We have our children’s best interest at heart, and nobody can do a better job than we can because it’s our child. We are so deeply invested into making sure that that child becomes a wonderful Nazi.”

Lest you think the little Saxons will enroll in your school and perpetuate their strange belief system, recognize that they are taught at an early age to hide their beliefs from others, so they are not “persecuted”.

“In a world hostile and antagonistic to anything NS (National Socialism,) how do you prepare your children for the world in a way that they are still true to NS, but able to navigate a society appropriately? … Teach race realism first, then you teach your children the consequences of that realism…We do not start teaching our children these things until we know they are able to not say certain things, and to keep things quiet around certain people. When our children do have that “accidental racism”, we as parents can quickly step in and chuckle, and say “Oh kids! They say the darndest things!”

Dissident Homeschool network lessons plans – reading, writing and hatred for people of color

In the Dissident Homeschool network, children are taught reading and writing, math, science, and history. Acceptable lessons plans are however, subtly perverted to incorporate Nazi beliefs. Saxon explained:

“We read about crime statistics, and we read about the general behavior of people. Our history book recently had me read the story of Anansi the Spider to the children. It is an African fairy tale about a spider who is just a rude, trickster, spiteful ingrate. During dinner, I compared it to the fairy tale of Frau Holle. I asked questions like, “What do you think is the moral of the Anansi story. What do you think is the moral of Frau Holle? I then explained to him that we try to live a full, beautiful life with culture, arts, history, music, and nature, and that fairy tales like Frau Holle and the tales of the Norse Gods were made by our people. I asked him what he thought the lives were like of the people who came up with the Anansi story and he suggested they would be very simple and stupid. I could have just told him that Africans are soulless people but instead, I helped him come to that conclusion with the help of an African fairy tale. If he repeats, “African fairy tales are stupid and their lives seem empty”, he will have the ammo to defend his thesis.”

Here’s one of their math lessons:

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Incorporating racism in everyday life

The Saxon clan recognizes that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, so they take time off for fun too. For instance, on the occasion of Adolf Hitler’s birthday, they celebrate by baking Fuhrerkuchen, aka Fuhrer cake, and proudly boasting of the fun they had commemorating the occasion:

“We had a lovely dinner followed by Führerkuchen. Our children celebrated Adolf’s birthday today by learning about Germany and eating favorite German foods.”

But there will be no celebrations for Martin Luther King Day. The administrator of the Dissident Homeschool channel explained.

“It is up to us to ensure our children know him for the deceitful, dishonest, riot-inciting negro he actually was. He is the face of a movement which ethnically cleansed whites out of urban areas and precipitated the anti-white regime that we are now fighting to free ourselves from.”

You see, the Saxon brigade believe it’s important to reinforce their beliefs at every opportunity. Mr. Saxon himself explains in this shocking podcast interview.

Here’s an example of the little darling Saxon kids celebrating their beloved culture.

3,000 members and counting

The group has a fairly extensive membership – at least larger than would be expected for a hate-filled homeschooling club that teaches their children how superior they are to other races. One parent in the 3,000+ group explained why she joined the network.

“This is why I want to make the switch. I don’t even want my kids exposed to the gay loving, anti-family, Jew factory that is public school, I can’t stand it.”

Of course, not everyone in the group is a true participant of the homeschool program. When one outsider infiltrated the group and suggested three preachers that could potentially save their twisted souls, another member responded:

“A ni**er, a race mixer, and a guy who literally says that Israel should rule the world. You’re 0 for 3.”

The Lawrences are unveiled

The Saxons have recently gone dark after VICE News outed the Saxons as Katja Lawrence and Logan Lawrence. They discovered that oddly, despite tirades against immigrants, Katja herself was born outside the United States. Vice revealed:

“Katja Lawrence, born Katja van den Berg, is originally from the Netherlands and moved to the U.S. after meeting her husband at the Oktoberfest festival in Berlin, according to an old LiveJournal blog uncovered by the researchers. She became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2017.”

Attempting to unravel their twisted minds is a hopeless endeavor. Katja clears up any confusion.

“To dispel some misconceptions: these groups do not encourage or solicit people to commit illegal activities. It is a nice group of wholesome white people getting together for cookouts and such.”

Ohio Department of Education investigates

Nazi children saluting in school

The Ohio Department of Education caught wind of the bizarre “school” and began an investigation. Stephanie Siddens, the interim superintendent of public instruction expressed her displeasure.

“I am outraged and saddened. There is absolutely no place for hate-filled, divisive and hurtful instruction in Ohio’s schools, including our state’s home-schooling community. I emphatically and categorically denounce the racist, antisemitic and fascist ideology and materials being circulated.”

The Ohio Department of Education is now actively reviewing compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

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Mother tell me about Adolf Hitler via Wiener Holocaust Library by Johanna Haarer with usage type - Creative Commons License. 1939


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