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GPS from hell leads man down strange, dark highway on most frightful night of his life.

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Today, an anonymous Canadian writer, we’ll call him “Jeff” for our purposes, revealed a true-life paranormal experience to Geek Slop that rivals the terror of any horror movie. In what Jeff would later call a terribly “bad idea”, he followed the obviously errant guidance of his GPS to a T and found himself guided down a road of horrors to a chilling destination in parts unknown.

Jeff’s unforgettable journey took place in 2011. Working as a pump tech at the time, he was in the process of moving to the city in order to attend school. The month prior to the move, Jeff made several trips back and forth, preparing the final arrangements for his new home. Still unfamiliar with the area and the drive back and forth, Jeff was forced to place his trust in his automobile’s navigation unit. As Jeff told it (edited for clarity), his frightful experience began as he drew near to his intended destination:

“It was late at night, and I was almost home – about two hours away. Now, this was only my second time making this return drive – and so because I didn’t have the route perfectly worked out, I was using a GPS to supplement my knowledge of the road. I reached an area where I knew I had to make an exit – the problem was I couldn’t remember which one it was. I looked at the GPS and it told me I had about one mile before my turn.”

Jeff slowed the vehicle and began glancing back and forth from GPS to the road, looking for the inevitable turn. As he neared the expected junction, the unexpected occurred.

“When I was about a quarter mile from the turn the GPS did something odd. The screen flickered momentarily, and then changed the route. The GPS now told me to drive an extra nine miles and turn off at a different exit. Now, I was in no mood to argue with my GPS, so I figured, ‘Hell, it’s calculating for the quickest route, what’s the worst that can happen?'”

What bad could happen indeed. Jeff continued on the altered route for forty-five more minutes listening to the radio (his iPod battery had gone dead) and busying himself with sights and cigarettes – anything to pass the time as he anxiously closed the distance to his destination. It was around 3:00 AM when unexpectedly, he entered a bank of dense fog.

“This was one of those fogs where you can barely see the road in front of you, the kind where you have to kill your high beams because they’ll just blind you.”

As Jeff’s car cut through the thick mist, he caught glimpses of the roadway through brief sections where the fog cleared. He realized the road was elevated, with deep ditches on each side.

“The highway was a good fifteen feet above the ditches. You literally could not see the ditches on either side of the road, just the fields that climbed upward beyond the ditch. It looked as if the highway was a winding bridge.”

Jeff recalled that as he drove, the road’s surface “felt a little weird”. Bump after bump, the rough road rattled the car’s suspension and where the fog cleared, he was horrified to see that the “rough surface” he was driving across was actually miles and miles of dead roadkill. According to Jeff, every mile of roadway produced two or three dead critters that “looked like somebody had fed a deer a stick of dynamite”.  Exploded animal carcasses spread across the roadway “as if a semi had ploughed through a wall of animals at an incredible speed”.

As Jeff continued, guided by the GPS to who knows what destination, the solitude of his journey was broken by an unexpected sight.

“The radio lost its signal around this point, two stations were fighting over the only frequency that seemed to be getting no signal whatsoever. I turned it down a bit and lit up another cigarette. Then I noticed the yellow glow of eyes on the side of the road, coming from the ditch. Instinctively I slowed down in case it might’ve been a deer or something.”

As Jeff recalls, he slowed to about 30 MPH and as he neared the animal, saw that it was not a deer at all but rather, an unidentifiable creature, hairless with dark mustard-colored skin and glowing yellow eyes. As he passed, the creature “hunkered down, as if it were trying to hide”. In the rearview mirror, Jeff saw the animal rise again, turn its head, and watch as Jeff drove away.

At this point, the fog began to clear. Jeff was frightened and rightfully so, freaked out. The roadway began meandering through an unpopulated, heavily wooded area. The GPS showed a highway coming up but as Jeff continued driving, the highway never appeared. The unit’s voice said, “turn right” then unexpectedly changed course instructing “turn left”.

“And this was all so confusing because there should have been a highway, but all I could see was a single, tiny, dirt road.”

As Jeff would later admit, he really should have known better and turning down the solitary dirt road was surely a “bad idea” – but what options did he have remaining? He did not know where he was, and the GPS seemed to be lost too. He turned onto the dirt road which he described as more like a path, so narrow his car barely fit onto it.

The road began winding, doubling back towards the direction he had come from, with trees so thick he could not see what he was turning towards until he’d already made the turn. As the road circled back, it suddenly ended at a small clearing where standing before him was an old, abandoned church and graveyard. According to Jeff:

“I look down at my GPS and on its screen were the three most terrifying words I could imagine: ‘You have arrived’.”

Jeff says he got the *&#) out of there as fast as he could. In the years following, he has tried on several occasions to find the old road and abandoned church and graveyard using Google Maps and an occasional brave journey towards the general area. To date he has found neither the church nor graveyard that his GPS took him to.

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